10MM AUTO 1st time reloading GLOCK 20 gen4

I moved to Oregon for many reasons one the most important has to be my Guns and the Reloading.  I have reloaded dozens of different types of ammunition for dozens of different guns and all have there own unique qualities.  The 10MM Auto came to me in the form of my first Glock; a Glock 20 gen4 with a 15 round magazine quite the hand full.  The guns will have to wait but look at the video to see the 10MM in action.

The 10MM,  40 Smith & Wesson and the .45 ACP all kick. Most  complaints I hear are with the 40 S&W it’s kick is sharp and hard to handle as most pistols are small and light made for Concealed Carry not for every day shooting.  People who use the .45 and 10MM are aware both kicker and are usually found in the larger and heavier guns.

Most reloading that is done focuses on the bullet first.  I will be using Hornaday 180 gr XTP (10mm/.400) with the bullet having a muzzle velocity range: 700 to 1500 fps.  Hornaday advises the bullets were designed for hunting, personal defense and  law enforcement.  I like to shoot what I will be using and like me most others do the same.  Hornaday hits a “Homerun” with their moto “Accurate, Deadly, Dependable”.

Lee Carbide Die Set restores the cases to factory dimensions and performance.  Their Carbide Factory Crimp die wraps a ring of “Brass” around the bullet sealing it.  I do single stage reloading with 1 round at a time it is the slowest but most accurate method I use.

Straight Brass cases use a 3 die process to prepare and set the round.  I add a 4th die with the Lee Factory Crimp die.  The die completes each round by sealing it and allowing a constant pressure  to maintain accuracy, everything needs to be constant.  You will find that the 40 S&W and the 10MM AUTO both use the same die set.  Extension of 40 S&W dies allows the reloading of the longer 10MM AUTO.  The 10MM AUTO is both longer by .142″ and wider by .001″.

In my processing of cases I clean, sizes,  clear the primer pockets of the walnut hulls (ouch) takes a while (Let Dead Bird do it). The cutting of each cases mouth, bulging each case and cleaning the cases 2nd time which removes tooling marks.

With bulging and priming  of the brass the cases are ready to make beautiful ammunition. I will be loading Hornaday 180 gr XTP bullet with .400 dimensions. Cases use either large or  small Primers depending on the manufacture of the cases. I will reference the Hornaday Tenth Edition.  The 180 GR Bullet using Accurate No. 9 with 13 gr. has an estimated  1095 EPS. The rest is fun shooting ammo you can male.  Remember never exceed the guideline of bullet maker high pressures will shorten the life of every firearms.